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Doing Right By Our People  

We aim to do business in ways that preserve and protect the interests of our employees, customers, carriers, investors and the world in which we live. 


2022 Sustainability Report

Sustainability extends well beyond looking after the environment. Taking great care of our people, communities, and helping to protect the general motoring public are keys to creating a more sustainable company. 


Strengthening Our Communities

Enhancing the quality of life for our people is critical to building a well-rounded employee base that is active in the neighborhoods and communities where they live and work.


Environmental Matters

Creating more sustainable supply chains for our customers and reducing our environmental footprint on the planet. 


Corporate Governance

Good governance is good business. We evaluate our board structure and policies to make sure we are doing what we believe to be right. 


Promoting Well-Being

We provide resources for care, health maintenance and stress reduction that are accessible for all employees. 


Safety At Work

Safe workplaces, whether in the cab of a truck, an office setting or a maintenance location, is fundamental to our safety culture. 


Creating Peace of Mind

Safety and security are core principles at J.B. Hunt. We recognize that these qualities aren't optional when it comes to serving our employees, drivers and customers alike.