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Industry-Leading Intermodal Rail Services


As the world’s largest intermodal company, we help provide cost-effective shipping options that grow your business while reducing waste.

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Benefits of Intermodal Shipping with J.B. Hunt


Extensive Rail Network


We have long-standing relationships with major intermodal rail providers which create service you can count on.
• Priority loading of all premium service level shipments 
• Expedited and temperature-controlled service available on select routes 


International Reach


Streamline your global supply chain with air, truck, rail and ocean freight transport.
• Rail and truckload services transport through the U.S., Canada and Mexico via access to third-party providers that extend the globe
• Multi-year, multi-vessel agreement allowing customers to accelerate overseas shipping from Asia

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We have the world's largest company-owned intermodal fleet with...


53' Containers




Dray fleet of trucks


and counting.

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“One of the biggest challenges I had was turning around the container. That used to be a 7-to-10 to even 14-day process. J.B. Hunt has turned that into a 3-to-5 day process.”

Larry Gorsich
Director of Global Transportation and Trade Compliance, Pure Fishing

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Shipper 360™ Helps You Ship Smarter


Streamline your shipping strategy by managing all your shipments from one easy-to-use resource. Shipper 360 connects you to intermodal shipping options and provides insights that can help you run your business. Try it today and book your next intermodal shipment in just three minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is intermodal?

Intermodal transportation is the moving of freight by two or more modes of transportation, usually from a train to a tractor or ship or vice versa. 

What is transloading?

Ocean cargo is typically shipped in 20- or 40-foot containers. Transloading is when your freight is consolidated from international ocean containers into 53-foot containers/trailers for inland transport.

How do you ship freight and remain carbon neutral?

Intermodal transportation can help companies ship freight in a more sustainable way. Intermodal shipping reduces greenhouse emissions by 65 percent compared to over-the-road trucking. Additionally, J.B. Hunt’s CLEAN Transport™ program takes advantage of the benefits of shipping via rail.

What is the best method for shipping freight internationally?

The best method for shipping freight internationally is with J.B. Hunt’s Intermodal and Transloading Services. With a multi-year, multi-vessel agreement, 115,000+ company-owned 53’ intermodal containers, multiple transloading locations and our mode-neutral mindset, we will find the best solution for your supply chain.

Affordable and sustainable rail shipping is just a few clicks away.