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LTL Freight Shipping Services

Our less-than-truckload (LTL) services provide an economical way to meet the freight shipping needs of any sized business.


Building LTL Freight Solutions

Get an exclusive discount booking freight with Shipper 360.  

Our LTL Freight Offerings

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Ready for an LTL Quote?

Get a shipping quote anytime without calling a representative or emailing your information to anyone. Just fill out our form to receive a free quote for your LTL shipment instantly. No account required!


Need Specialized LTL Services?

Our specialized LTL services teams handle shipments that require extra measures for secure delivery. J.B. Hunt teams use custom solutions and middle-mile capabilities to meet specialized LTL shipping needs. You may need specialized LTL services if your shipments require:

  • Specialized handling

  • Home delivery

  • White glove delivery options

Frequently Asked Questions


What does less-than-truckload shipping mean?

Less-than-truckload or LTL shipping refers to shipments weighing over 100 pounds that are too heavy for a parcel carrier but not large enough to require a full truckload. One trailer usually carries multiple businesses’ freight with commodities often arranged on pallets. Pricing is based on density, stowability, handling and liability. 

How do you ship LTL?

  • Step one – Quote the correct size of your shipment: It’s necessary to list the correct size of the freight to make sure it’s matched with a trailer that has capacity. 
  • Step two – Define the right National Motor Freight Carrier (NMFC) class: Defining the correct NMFC shipment class is needed to properly load the trailer and keep cargo safe. 
  • Step three – Manage shipments with a transportation management system (TMS): A TMS like Shipper 360 allows shippers to quote and book LTL shipments, track the progress of each load, view analytics for cost and much more.

How do I book LTL freight?

You can book LTL freight via J.B. Hunt’s Shipper 360 solution. When you’re ready to ship, choose from one of the highly rated LTL carriers accessible through Shipper 360. And once commodities are on the move, you can use Shipper 360 to track and check shipment info on your schedule. 

Do you offer temp-controlled LTL services?

We offer temperature-controlled LTL shipment options that serve all temperature ranges—from frozen to freeze protect. Plus, smaller shipments get the same high level of service and value you expect when working with J.B. Hunt. You’ll only pay for the space you utilize on a trailer and receive shipment tracking along the way.

LTL shipping for your entire supply chain.