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Payment Services for Carriers 

J.B. Hunt offers multiple ways to get paid the way you want. Log in to Carrier 360˚ to upload documents, create invoices and track payment status. 


Quick Pay

Qualifying carriers are eligible to receive free Quick Pay. Take advantage of this offer, exclusively available to carriers that contract with J.B. Hunt. (Restrictions apply.)

Standard Pay

Payment within 21 business days with no fee, direct to your bank account or by mail. Call 1.877.977.7427 or email us to get started.


Let us know which company you're working with and we'll manage payments through them. Call 1.877.977.7427 or email us to get started. 

Cash Advances

Cover up-front expenses before you move the load. Call 1.833.211.4392 to learn more. 

Get Free Quick Pay

  1. Book a qualifying load using Carrier 360˚ 
  2. Perform all check calls for the load using Carrier 360˚ 
  3. Deliver the load according to load confirmation terms 
  4. Submit invoice and load paperwork 
Want to discuss your options or change your payment method? We’re here to help!